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Community Service

Community Service is a graduation requirement for all LVLA students. A minimum of 100 community service hours at an approved agency must be completed by all LVLA students. 
Here at LVLA, we strongly believe in giving back to our community and recognizing that we are a product of where we come from.  We want to help others and understand their needs. We want to stay actively engaged and be involved in our community as it is a great opportunity that has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. We know that through community service we create fruitful connections and acquire life skills, knowledge and experience that will able our students to explore life interests and become positive contributors to society. 
Lions, remember that community service is in the service for the greater good and service to those who need it most. Hours performed during the regular school day will not count. Activities that pay moneys for the job or service will not count. Religious activities must be activities which extend beyond church/religious education classes. 
If you have any questions on whether an activity will satisfy the community service requirements please ask the office staff.