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ACTOS - Digital Media and Performing Arts

LVLA is home to a well-resourced Digital Media Lab to support the suite of courses offered in the ACTOS (Digital Media and Performing Arts) course sequence. ACTOS is an introductory visual and performing arts and digital media class, which is Common Core aligned and has been approved as a Visual and Performing Arts elective by the UC system for a-g approval.  Through ACTOS, students learn the core tenets of acting and theater, as well as how to produce and edit short films and documentaries.  The ACTOS course sequence, which includes Digital Media I, Chicano Theater and Digital Art and Graphic Design, will inform a career pathway for LVLA students.  The lab is equipped with 10 iMac editing stations, 35 iPads, digital video cameras, sound and lighting equipment and a 65-inch LCD TV to project student work.