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Collaboration with Stanford University

Collaboration with Stanford University

Stanford Online High School

LVLA offers its students with the opportunity to be a part of Stanford Online High School or Stanford OHS. Stanford OHS (formerly the Education Program for Gifted Youth Online High School at Stanford University, or EPGY OHS, is an accredited, independent school for students seventh through twelfth grade, founded by Stanford University.

Stanford OHS target audience is gifted youth—those who excel far beyond what their local schools can offer. The curriculum is extremely rigorous in the sense that the program offers a high number of accelerated, AP, and university-level courses. Stanford OHS offers classes in eight major subjects: English, Social Sciences, Laboratory Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Music, Summer Residential Courses, and Core Sequence. Of these eight, the first six disciplines offer both Honor and advanced placement classes. The OHS also offers university-level classes in English, Social Sciences, Laboratory Sciences, and Mathematics.

There are approximately 650 students, 44% of whom attend full-time. The intention is that students will attend at least four years, though there are exceptions. The teaching is, by all accounts, first-rate: over two-thirds of Stanford OHS teachers have doctoral degrees, and many of them formerly taught as university professors.

Classes are available to students around the globe and are conducted online, in a virtual classroom, in real time. It's a little like a group Skype session, only with more features (like electronically raising hands). You can see and hear the teacher, and you turn your own mic and video on when it's your turn to address the class. You can also message the other students in the classroom as you go.

Stanford OHS's excellent track record is a testament to the caliber of students it attracts. That excellent track record involves a 2175 mean SAT score and a 32.5 mean ACT score for the class of 2015 (a mere 49 students). Not to mention, 89% of students who took AP courses passed those courses with a 4 or 5. In other words, Stanford OHS caters to students who are willing and ready to put in the work it take to see results.